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Webcam abortion provided by Planned Parenthood

Rose Ann Jero, Marshalltown; Pat Henze, Albion; Loretta Cermak, Ferguson

November 1, 2012

If Planned Parenthood comes to Marshalltown, they will most likely provide and promote the highly profitable RU-486 abortion pills via the Internet. If you are not familiar with the webcam abortion procedure, here it is:

1. Pregnant woman goes to a Planned Parenthood clinic.

2. She pays the full fee, up to $800.

3. An ultrasound examination is performed, but not shown to the pregnant woman.

4. She has an interview with abortion doctor via Internet.

5. The abortionist remotely opens a drawer containing two sets of pills (RU-486).

6. The woman takes the first pill at that time, which kills the baby (up to 9 weeks after conception).

7. She takes the second set of pills 48 hours later, which expels the dead baby.

8. She observes the dead baby with human features

9. Serious medical complications and heavy bleeding can occur. The woman is instructed to call it a miscarriage.

The pro-life for the unborn candidates are Jane Jech, Allen Burt, Ben Lange and Romney/Ryan.



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