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Republican will cast vote for Sodders

November 2, 2012
Johnny Wilson, Albion , Times-Republican

I'm a Republican, farmer and small business owner, and I'm voting for Sen. Steve Sodders. Please understand, I didn't flip, I didn't change my mind. I have never voted for a Democrat in my life; however this race has intrigued me.

I met Sodders in a local convenience store. Long story short, we began to chat, I badgered him with the typical liberal ideology, looking more for an argument than conversation. I left the store and never thought anymore about it.

With the entire buzz about the upcoming election, I took a harder look at my straight ticket mindset. I've listened to the radio ads; they concerned me. I found the state senate's website and found Sodders' sponsored or supported bills. The more I read the more I thought, this guy thinks like me. I hate government regulation more than anyone, I found Sodders sponsored a bill to require all new department heads to review all regulations and remove unnecessary ones. I emailed Steve to ask him about a plethora of issues. Minutes later I got an email explaining his positions.

I heard an ad by Jech, a person who had my vote because she was a Republican, accusing Sodders of costing tax payers $1,000 each with I-JOBS. That's a game changer. I find that the I-JOBS program is funded entirely by casino revenue has absolutely no burden on the tax payer, and created private sector jobs. I did some research and Jech voted to raise taxes 126 times over nine years on the board of IVCC. No way! A Tea Party candidate spending taxpayer's money like that? Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not voting against Jech. I'm voting for Sodders.

I feel this man shares my family values, but doesn't force them on me. With a moral mindset I admire, and an occupation I don't envy, I can say I proudly support Steve Sodders. Any man that takes pride in treating a piece of legislation like an investigation, and understanding that the complex issues that face us today are not black and white, I believe has the intuition and insight to see through the political spin. In my opinion, any man that straps a bullet proof vest on, pins a target to his chest, and kisses his family goodbye every day to protect us, I feel has our best interest in mind.



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