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Setting a colorful, thankful Thanksgiving table

November 4, 2012
By SHIKHA PASRIJA , Times-Republican

Festivities have begun. The colorful and cheerful decorations everywhere fill my heart with so much joy and excitement. The mood is all set to plan and prepare for Thanksgiving. It provides us with a wonderful opportunity to show gratitude and appreciation to all the people and things that make a difference in our lives. Being thankful is like counting our blessings and doing that makes us feel overjoyed.

Here are some festive, creative, fun and simple ideas for a colorful, joyful and thankful Thanksgiving table.

Colorful turkey

Article Photos

All you need is

Paper stock

Finger paints


Wiggly eyes


Dip thumb in paint and make impression on the cardstock for the face. Dip index finger in paint and make wings. Stick wiggly eyes using glue. Use marker to draw nose and legs.

Joyful napkin holder

All you need is

Paper towel tube

Handmade or construction or scrapbook paper




Cut paper towel tube 1-1/2 inches wide. Stick colorful construction paper on it using glue. You can also stick pumpkin seeds around. Print photos and trim them into 1.5 inch squares. Cut handmade paper in 2 inches squares for an impression of border. Now, stick photos on handmade paper. Stick them on paper towel tube using glue. Insert napkin.

Thankful reuse idea

What you will need

Wrapping paper scraps

Other leftover wrapping supplies




Black and white newspapers, brown sheets from packaging's

Cut wrapping paper scarps in fun shapes. We did hearts. Stick them on blank sheet of paper using glue for mosaic like art. Write messages; make dots around hearts using colorful markers. Be creative, use other leftover supplies from wrapping and create all new personalized gift wraps.

Celebrations are fun and always will be, but few hours of glee should add smiles and memories to our lives and not a heaping pile to the landfills. Applying the 3 R's- recycle, reduce and reuse to a celebrations is a good example to teach our kids to think outside the box, be more creative and less materialistic. Educating them about the green living is a step forward in raising the child who cares, appreciates and is thankful.


Shikha Pasrija has a passion for art. She has organized several successful art workshops which have been immensely popular both with kids and their families. Follow her blog or e-mail her at



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