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Prosecutor: Iowa men shot at 9 officers in pursuit

November 28, 2012

IOWA CITY - Two fleeing bank robbery suspects fired on at least nine law enforcement officials during last month's gun battle in northeastern Iowa that left two officers injured, according to a prosecutor who's still sorting out the chaotic shootout.

Two men, 24-year-old Jeremiah Mumford and 19-year-old William Clayton, were arrested Oct. 30 after investigators say they robbed a bank and fled, then fired at officers, wounding two, during an hourlong chase. The two ditched their car and hid in a rock quarry, where they were eventually captured, authorities said.

Bremer County Attorney Kasey Wadding has amended the charges against Mumford and Clayton to include the attempted murder of eight officers, up from six counts. They are also charged with terrorism, intimidation with a dangerous weapon and assault on a peace officer. Both men have both pleaded not guilty to all 35 counts, and a trial has been scheduled for January.

Wadding said in an interview Monday he believes that shots were fired at a ninth officer across the county line, and possibly others. He said he is still investigating whether to bring additional charges, and expects to receive a voluminous report in the coming days from the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation detailing the events.

Wadding said he has been struck by what he called "a real disconnect between societal norms and mores" and the suspects' willingness to fire repeatedly at law enforcement officials.

"It seemed more akin to what you see in the movies or the video games," he said. "It is very unusual."

Sumner Police Chief Dennis Cain and state trooper Mark Domino were injured; Cain the most seriously, with two bullets wounding his neck, thumb and shoulder. He was airlifted to a hospital in Waterloo, where he had surgery. Domino, who was shot in the arm, was treated and released within hours of the shooting.

Cain was released from the hospital this month and is on medical leave as he slowly recovers. Sumner Mayor Gary Walke said Tuesday that Cain had even started coming into the office to do paperwork.

"He's doing fine," he said.

Investigators have said that Mumford and Clayton walked into the bank in Maynard carrying loaded assault rifles and robbed it at gunpoint, making off with $15,000 in cash. A firefighter soon spotted their vehicle after law enforcement officials were warned to be on the lookout. Other officers responded and chased the car along county roads for about 30 miles.

The suspects fired a large number of rounds from multiple rifles and handguns while police officers also fired shots at them, police say. Officers from two or three counties and the Iowa Department of Transportation's commercial enforcement unit were shot at, in addition to Domino and Cain.

Police say the suspects eventually ditched their vehicle near a rock quarry west of Frederika and fled on foot into nearby woods. A huge manhunt, which included the FBI and more than a dozen other agencies, ensued. The suspects were spotted and arrested hours later.



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