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A firm foundation

December 3, 2012
Jerry Waterman, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

Picking weeds out of a yard/garden has never been a love of mine. When I was young I got a whopping 10 cents an hour; even then, I disliked it. There are times when weed-picking has to be performed. Because of age, it is better if I lie on my side, cushion my head in my palm and pull those little critters.

Often times, I am amazed at the root system of the weed. Weeds have no nutritional value and are nothing but a leech - they take every available nutrient but have no food value. Jesus used weeds in the parables he told. He tells Christians that we ought to have the same tenacity, being faithful to him; that a weed does to survive. Wouldn't that be a sight to behold - every Christian deeply immersed in the Christian life - with an attitude to evangelize everyone around.

Jesus taught that a man sowed seed on the ground and it fell on various soil conditions. Some never grew at all, some sprouted quickly and died; others fell on good soil and matured. The meaning of this parable is; if something of no value can put all its energy into surviving, the Christian must use the same spiritual energy to place heavenly roots in this world. There is such a variety of weeds that it is amazing to see the difference in their systems. Some roots burrow right through wood chips, some grow out of concrete cracks and others burrow straight through blacktop.

One year, a weed sat on top of a rock and its root spread over the side; down into the soil -traveling about six inches. This year, there was one lonely weed popping out of the flower bed; I figured it would be a cinch to get rid of it - since the ground was moist, it should be easier to pull. To my surprise the root kept coming and coming - eight inches worth. The weed itself; was only an inch and a half tall. It had settled in good soil and took all of the nutrients around it. Jesus calls on his people to put down their roots just like the toxic weed: our spiritual foundations that will survive what this world offers to us. Our only effective nutrient is Jesus Christ; he is the heavenly soil that offers ever-lasting life to those who want to live with him in heaven.



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