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World Book Night Coming to Albion

April 16, 2013

World Book Night happens on April 23, UNESCO International Day of the Book and Shakespeare's birthday, and is an annual celebration dedicated to spreading the love of reading person to person. It only started in the United States last year, after having been successfully launched in the United Kingdom in 2011. The Albion community is taking on its mission by giving books, reaching out and touching lives in the simplest of ways through the sharing of stories.

World Book Night is celebrated in the USA, UK, Ireland and Germany. This celebration centers on adult readers. Encouraging reading in the adult population is the mission. Seeking out adults wherever they are, in Casey's or the fire station, in City Hall or the park.

World Book Night consists of booksellers, financial supporters, librarians and book givers who all share the love of reading. The library creates the community among the book givers. The book givers are the first to welcome future readers. The Albion area Book Givers include: Jan Borton, Judy Graves, Julia Ohrt, Karen Betts, Kim Mercer, Lois Keefer, Lynne Borton and Mary Dooley. They will exchange ideas and select their locations for book giving. They will be ready to talk "books" and give away their selection to others.

The "Givers" have the responsibility to make contact and share their books. Some books may be found at City Hall during the day, or Casey's maybe in the evening. There may even be one or two walking around with books in a little red wagon. There are many possibilities.

It's been proven that book readers of all ages are more likely to participate in positive activities. Volunteering, attending cultural events and even physical exercise happens more frequently with readers. Reading for pleasure improves literacy. Book Givers are seeking out emerging readers those who may not have discovered a desire for reading yet.

It's about people, communities and connections. It's about reaching out with books in the Albion area on April 23.



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