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Please pay attention to me!

April 17, 2014
By Sue Junge , Times-Republican

Almost every year I try to do an article related to parents paying attention to their young children; and how important it is for their development. I do this because I see more and more each year of the tech-savvy generation paying little or no attention to their young children while they text, email, watch TV, listen to their ipod's, etc. It really saddens me, and yet, there are times I find myself doing exactly the same thing! We, as a society, have forgotten how important forming relationships and attachments are; especially when it comes to our children. Cuddling, talking to and singing to your infant is how your baby learns. The need to form an attachment is essential for their growth and development; and to do that they need to see YOU smiling at them, laughing with them, talking to them and loving them. Toddlers need to know you are listening to them when they are telling you about that flower they saw on your walk, or the squirrel that ran away from them, or the fact they may be hungry or thirsty. Preschoolers need to know you are listening when they tell you about the new friend they made at school today; or how the teacher really liked the picture they drew; when you put your devices first, it's telling them that what they are saying isn't important and as time goes and they grow, they will eventually stop talking to you; something you never want to happen!



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